How It Works

Our design packages are an affordable way to have a room in your home professionally decorated, a perfect solution for the do-it yourself homeowners or for those that want H2H Design Services to run the project completely. Everything is taken into consideration when putting your personalized design plan together. H2H Design Packages give you the freedom to design a single space, or your entire home, at your own pace.

step one


Design packages


You fill out the detailed Design Questionnaire that is sent to you after you pay for your design package. You will take photos, and measurements of your space, tell us a little about your likes and what design styles you gravitate towards, and even send inspiration photos to us.

Step Three - REVIEW

Everything is taken into consideration when putting your personalized design plan together.

Step Four - PLANNING

After all the important details are laid out, we come up with design plans that meet the needs of your space and work with the overall function for the day to day living. We also begin to itemize your budget per line item. This helps us stay within the budget range you sent us in your questionnaire.

Step Five - SOURCING

Using the completed floorplan or curated shopping list, budget and your inspiration photos, we start to source and collect the pieces that give you the feel and look you are wanting in your new space.


We prepare your design portfolio with all the information you will need to put your room together once all the pieces arrive. You will know what to do first, next and last.

Step Seven - DELIVERY

Finally, usually within 4-5 weeks depending on the scope of your design you will be emailed your complete custom design portfolio. This visual package will include everything you need to implement your design yourself. Depending on which package you choose, options include a floorplan, color palettes, mood boards and much more!



(In-person design packages are for those living in Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding areas)

Our Design services can be virtual as an eDesign or In-Person depending on where you live. If you choose the eDesign option, all correspondence for your project, will be conducted entirely online from the comfort of your own home. This means no need to schedule in-person appointments. In-person packages you will meet one on one with your designer either in your home or at our offices.


All furnishings, decor, etc. included in our eDesign and In-Person packages are readily available to you at affordable prices from national retailers that are open to the public, making it really simple for you to implement the design plan yourself!


We do our best to streamline our design process. Once we get your design questionnaire with all the correct information, we start the design for your project. In 4-5 weeks you will receive your custom design portfolio emailed directly to you. And, we also provide two weeks of complementary email support as you get started!